Pete Popadopolous (tootwiggy22) wrote in fatkidsatheart,
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Pic of the Day

title or description

Please do NOT tell me that this isn't the sex. Not a random search image, but rather something I saw and could not stop laughing at. Facial expressions are key in this here specimen.
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If that isn't sex then shoot me. Even the pool hose thingy suits the picture. It's all shaped like a heart and stuff. Engh.
Wow, I didn't even notice the hose. lol, you're so clever Heather!
I know ^.^
haha well if that isnt the cutest picture ive ever seen in my entire life.

i love alex too much, i think...

but what in the sam hell is he wearing?
I think he's wearing a skirt thing...I don't recal ever finding out what that was, but everytime I look at the picture I keep thinking that Deli's thumbnail is his nipple.
yea, its a wrap around bathing suit skirt, and lise, i love you, omfg...::laughs insanely::
Awww why thank you! I think I actually took the picture too. I feel so special :D <33 to you!
i actually thought that too.

*gasp* were like twins...only not
I know you dont know me but who are those guys the one with the skirt thing looks familiar...
If you live in nashua, or anywhere near nashua, it's very likely you've seen him before. Everyone and their grandmothers know him, or have at least met him before. Quien esta?
is his name george?
No ma'am. George is the name of my stuffed teddy bear. Hehe